THE TRAVEL GAME: Instructions 

Goal: To accomplish the required travel, within the allotted time, using only the available resources. Collect the necessary amount of Culture Points, and avoid making bad choices.

The Resource Bar: (Sample Values)
 Time:12/2/02 11:45:00 AM    Remain: 54.50 hours   Credit: $473.00   Cash: $52.25   Favors: 0   CP: 20   EI: -50 
TIME=  The current local date & time FAVORS =  Help available from friends*
REMAIN =  Time left to complete game CP=  Culture Points earned
CREDIT=  Checking Accnt/Debit Card Balance     EI=  Ethical Impact of decisions
CASH=  Money on hand  
*Favors are low-cost or free to use, but are hard to get. They should be used wisely.

Options: (Sample Choices)
1) Steal Seatmate's Parachute      (effective, but ethically questionable)
2) Jump from plane holding Nose (quick, but not very effective)
3) Use a Favor X*
*Options which are unavailable, due to a lack of resources, are marked and disabled.

Click on a highlighted link to move to the next Event/Location.

Bonus/Bummer Events: Players randomly experience good () or bad () luck at certain points.
There can be 2, 3, or even 4 different outcomes.
Culture Points: are awarded at certain locations () with Cultural, Educational, or Historic value.
Ethical Impact: Good Decisions will be rewarded () and Bad Choices will be penalized ().

Note to Demo Users:
Clicking on your Browser's "Reload/Refresh" button will let you see the other Bonus/Bummer outcomes for the current Event/Location. Clicking on your Browser's "Back" button will take you to the preceeding Screen. But, since resource values are accumulated as running totals, you will still be charged for the Time and Cost associated with reaching that Event/Location.

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