Integrated Management Associates



IMA actively serves a variety of industries, providing training and consulting services in the areas of implementing project management methodologies, tools and techniques to new product development projects, strategic initiatives and in establishing an organization’s project portfolio management system.

IMA’s client base includes organizations in the following business segments:

Information Technology


Facilities Design & Construction





IMA prides itself on its ability to provide a structured but practical approach to learning and implementing project management concepts and methodologies which on the surface might appear to be hard to absorb or adapt as organizations strive to find better and more efficient approach to managing products and services.

After concluding our seminars or consultative assignments we conduct customer surveys in which our customers repeatedly refer to our staff’s in-depth and practical knowledge of business and human resource systems applied to project management concepts.  We consider this to be the main factor that distinguishes us from other similar training and consulting services providers.

IMA’s services include providing direct project planning and control support to facilitate the process of developing a Portfolio Project Management System. This is achieved by:

·   Developing dynamic project planning models for large strategic projects to conduct  “what if “ analysis and evaluating all available options to shrink the product or service development time.

·   Developing a methodology for tracking and analyzing variance from the baseline plan and providing issue escalation capability.

·   Customizing and structuring reports for effective project communication of status, issues and proposed solutions.

·   Developing project management requirements and procedures that define standards for the development of project scope, budget, staffing levels, procurement and timeline management. These requirements are tailored to the client’s environment, with emphasis on managing multiple projects utilizing shared cross-functional resources in a highly matrixed organization

·   Developing job specifications for project managers / coordinators and modifying the functional job descriptions of other supporting resources to complement the project management methodology employed.  

·   Developing an ongoing training program for project managers.