IMA’s Business Mission:-

Integrated Management Associates is a full service management education, consulting and training company working with clients who seek to remain competitive and achieve an increase in the rate of delivery of new products and services.   We are dedicated solely to the delivery of project management education, training and consulting.

Since 1992, IMA’s experienced staff has trained and consulted with thousands of professionals utilizing a variety of project management tools and techniques. Our consultants are either PMI certified or have been involved in project management training and consulting for a number of years. At our customers’ sites we offer in excess of 22 different types of project management competency seminars and consulting workshops.

IMA helps clients achieve their goals by implementing the concept of  “Management By Projects” to all initiatives and work activities.   To be successful and to obtain the highest return on investment on project management requires the optimization of project management competencies and supporting systems. Once this optimization is achieved, benefits arise from the following characteristics of the project management system:

1.      Consistency:  A structured yet adaptive project management methodology, tailored to meet the needs of the customer, becomes the recognized standard for project management across the enterprise.

2.      Predictability:  The new project management environment and culture promotes fast execution for the delivery of products and services, with results closely matching the plan and stakeholder expectations.

3.      Scalability:  Project management tools, techniques, templates and systems are scaleable to fit the types and sizes of the projects being managed by the organization. Scalability permits the elimination of unnecessary administrative overhead burden on the project team, allowing the team to focus on activities critical to success.

To achieve these benefits an organization’s project management culture requires the following three discrete but interdependent pillars to stand on:

1.      A practical and effective project management methodology that integrates the client’s accepted organizational policies and experience with recognized industry best practices.

2.      Scalable automated tools that are used to manage (plan, track and report) project documentation, finances, and resource and task timelines. 

3.   Organizational systems including a Project Management Office that performs the portfolio management function, provides project management expertise for mission critical projects, and claims ownership for continuous improvement of the project management methodology.


Partnering With Our Clients

While the concept of  “Management By Projects” demands full understanding of project management by the entire organization, the primary focus for project ownership and leadership must remain  with the project manager and the project team.

To that end, IMA develops customer specific seminars as part of an integrated project management certificate program designed to strengthen and augment the skills and understanding of project management as a methodology and a culture. We conduct a needs assessment with our customer prior to the selection and delivery of our seminars. Seminar topics are designed to be compatible with our client’s business processes and procedures. 

An additional advantage: IMA’s seminars are designed to comply with the Project Management Institute (PMI™) standards defined in the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®), and to prepare students for the PMI® Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification exam.

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